Kettle's Yard House

April 23, 2014

A few weeks ago we took the day off and got the train over to beautiful Cambridge. As well as a lazy lunch, punting on the river and a touch of shopping, we visited Kettle's Yard. There's a gallery and a house both of which are brilliant. Kettle's Yard House was the home of Jim and Helen Ede between 1958 and 1973. They collected these pieces throughout their travels, only to need somewhere to store and view the pieces with pride. They extended their cosy cottage, creating a more gallery like space at the rear of the house with a large open space for light to pour in. The interiors are curated in a such a way that you're comfortable and free to peer into every nook and cranny whilst being respectful among these exquisite artworks. You're encouraged to sit in the various chairs around the building, positioned perfectly to view the different pieces at varying heights. I came away feeling totally inspired and relaxed, it's such a tranquil environment, I recommend anyone visiting Cambridge to make a detour and experience this amazing space.