Our story

Sometimes, it’s the way light falls.

How it drops, softly, through the space between buildings.

It can be fault lines, running through a tree trunk and its perfectly imperfect concentric circles.

Or sometimes, it’s the negative space created by the straightest, sharpest of shadows on a wall.

If you know how to look, you can find so much beauty in detail. And it’s detail that inspires us to design and make jewellery for others who see the same.

Our core geometry, inspired by pattern and texture, has guided our work for over a decade. Today, we are proud to create sculptural, timeless pieces of jewellery that last a lifetime.

Jewellery that is defined by detail, and always follows form, not fashion.

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Our founder

With a background in sculpture, Sarah Straussberg draws inspiration from details found in the world around us. Using a guiding geometry to create a distinctive aesthetic, her work is built on simplicity in its purest form.

Sarah handcrafts every piece in her Somerset studio, using a range of materials to create jewellery that is elegant and wearable. As a practitioner of traditional techniques, Sarah also uses 3D printing in select ranges to bring shapes to life in new ways.

Above all, Sarah enjoys working with likeminded people to create jewellery that is meaningful and memorable.